Concierge service

Let us guide you.

Our concierge service is designed to meet all your needs during your trade show.

We are there to assist you whether you need advice, a helping hand to install or disassemble your display, or simply pointers for the best hangouts near your event.

Consulting Services

We can assist you in structuring how you approach your trade show, in establishing objectives, or in creating your key messages.
Rely on our expert advice for your event.

Event Marketing

Opt for our event marketing service to create social media campaigns, for your display’s concept, for our graphic design service, or for any aspect essential to promoting or developing your display.


Spend some invigorating time with your team! A teambuilding activity consolidates work relationships as colleagues get better acquainted.


Experience a relaxing moment with your team! Our various massage packages adapt to your needs and budget!

Group photos

Commit your events to memory, and share the moments with your team or your clients!

Installation and Dissasembly

Make your life even easier by relying on our display installation and disassembly service! All you will have to do the day of the event is to show up to your pre-installed booth!

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