BeBlue: Testimony of their president and designer, Amber Cadoux

Beblue jewelry and accessories are made entirely in Montreal, Canada.

Last August, we participated in our first trade show in the US.

Needless to say that such an endeavour required significant preparation, and we knew the related logistics were complex.

We wanted to work with a supplier who understood our challenge, and would assist us throughout the process, from designing the display, to its transportation and installation, all the while conforming with the numerous American regulations.

Our craft requires incredible precision and high standards when creating the jewelry we produce. We expect the same attentiveness from our suppliers.

AllConnect met and exceeded our expectations. Their support was key to the trade show’s success. The processes were clear, and logistics were handled on all levels.

A foreign commercial trade show is often a significant source of stress! Thanks to AllConnect, the experience was entirely pleasant!

I will continue to do business with AllConnect for all my trade shows!

Many thanks to David and his team.

Ambre Cadoux
President and Designer”