Case studies – DSEi show in London

The essential functions to make your booth attractive and dynamic.

This video is an invitation to better understand the various innovative functions that you could integrate into your next stand.

Don’t stop at the form! The flexibility offered by our modular system makes it possible to adapt it to each event depending, for example, on the space reserved, its positioning in the exhibition environment, the message, the product and services offered or the number of people present on your booth

The strength of the rental system

The very strength of the Allconnect rental system is that, whatever your exhibition location, we will reuse the visuals at the next show.

System structures such as frames, video wall, lighting have been used for other clients. By pooling these elements, we reduce the impact on the environment in addition to improving responsiveness and cost.

Rental is the guarantee of a system that is always at the forefront in terms of trends and technology.