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Your display’s visual concept is important. It conveys your message and philosophy, and reflects your values. It lets you make a good first impression! Thanks to a professional design, your display will draw visitor interest and attention in a few seconds, and will elegantly back your message.

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We have a solution tailored to your objective and specific needs, be they to attract new clients, market a new solution or product, set up an interactive game or contest, or simply stand out from the competition.

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Opt for our concierge service before, during and after your event for the installation and disassembly of your display, for teambuilding activities, or to learn good practices that will improve your efficiency!

We have created affordable packages for you, which will assist you in handling your trade show with more proficiency and peace of mind.

graphique service


With the accommodation map, you can book an accommodation near your next event in just a few clicks!

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