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Zero Stress, optimal quality and cost control are the values ​​that drive us, attention to detail from the start to the end of your project.We present here some examples of achievements in the field of cosmetics.

Rossow Stand:

This concept is realized on the basis of a modular system dressed in opaque textile visual, observes the quality of the printing, the respect of the colors.

One of the advantages of sublimation printing as we offer it is that in addition to offering very dynamic colors, it restores light without saturation, giving a noble and qualitative appearance.

Givaudan, stand:

This concept is the combination of a modular system and custom-made carpentry work.

In this project, one of the challenges is the ability to receive as many customers as possible and to engage as many conversations as possible, but also to offer VIP customers a more intimate and soundproof space without the visitor feeling locked away. .


This concept is realized is the association of large format light boxes and custom-made carpentry

This peninsula area is ideally located, so it was necessary to be able to benefit from the great visibility offered by its location by the installation of a LightBox of 2.50, high x 5 m wide.