Who we are ?

We believe that diversity is our best resource

The AllConnect team is a blend of American and European cultures. It thus accesses the combined expertise of both continents. It also harnesses great creative capacity within a pragmatic, efficient and profitable offer.


The company’s founder, David, has over 20 years expertise in dealing with displays of all sizes. He readily understands client needs, as well as the industry, allowing him to offer elegantly-designed, professional and affordable displays. AllConnect employs 25 people with various expertises including design, project management, carpentry, printing, installation and many more!

  • Our Industry

    Trade shows all over the world.

  • Our Strength

    We offer exclusive design integrating your requisite features.

  • Our Commitment

    To suprise you using a simple, fluid and safety-based approach, because we want to work with you over the long haul.

  • Our Distinction

    An innovative, simple and turnkey offer! Explore our offer available worldwide, and be amazed by the quality of our exceptional displays.

  • Our Promise

    To have you experience profitable, fun and environmentally-friendly trade shows and conventions.

  • A New Way of Doing Things

    Our turnkey approach makes your participation in events wordwide environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and efficient!

Think outside the box


Our fully turnkey approach will allow you to participate in events all over the world in an ecological, economical and efficient way!